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Why are Brand Guidelines Essential?

Brand Guidelines are a springboard, not a straightjacket

Smart brands are always evolving, and so are their brand guidelines. These brands are driven by their core values, which are reflected in their guidelines. From tone of voice to logo adaptations, style guides ensure a brand’s story reads the right way.


Daily Icon Design

I recently read a fascinating book called Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Curry. The book focusses on the habits and rituals of celebrated creative individuals. It got me thinking about my own life and the habits I do and don’t keep. This was how my Daily Icon illustration project started.


New Brand Design Agency in Chichester

Formed in the outback of Australia drinking crisp Little Creatures pale ale, Odes and Ink began with humble roots. We drew pictures for people, these people loved them and were willing to pay us to do more. We set up a blog, gave it a name and promoted our drawing skills via social media.


Risograph Print

During our travels in Australia we were lucky enough to meet, and briefly work with a Fijian couple who have an impressive four harvests under their belts; not to mention six children (all boys), who provide the motivation for working so incredibly hard. They are shiny, happy people who beam goodness, generosity and peace to everyone they meet