Brand Identity, Copywriting & Website Design

Kitch Media

Brand Identity

Kitch is a social media marketing agency based in Chichester, West Sussex. The business has evolved massively since it began back in 2012, prompting founding Director, Natalie Dunning, to approach us for a rebrand and website overhaul.

After the initial meeting with Natalie, we agreed that the existing brand identity and website was a far cry from the focus and tone of the business in 2016.

Natalie’s brief for the logo design was precise. She wanted clean lines, a modern, stylish feel and a unique, memorable design.

Our initial research highlighted a number of other digital marketing agencies with noticeably similar logos. This compounded the need for a re-brand! In such a busy, design-led industry, a striking logo is a must.

We began by producing three initial concept logos and presented them to Natalie and her team. They chose their favourite and from there, we developed the concept further. This included numerous small changes to get it ‘just right’, along with multiple colourways for the team to chose from.

Delivery of this side of the project included a full logo suite. This included the logo in the correct format for all social media channels, and the logo colour variants for different coloured backgrounds.

Website Design

We worked closely with Natalie and her team to clarify the user journey. This is always a key element to any new website design and one that we’re always fanatical about getting right!

It was important to Natalie that users could quickly discover that Kitch are far more than just a social media agency. We needed to subtly and effectively highlight the team’s professional expertise in other areas, including PR, digital strategy and influencer outreach for brands.

Rebrand and website design for Kitch Media by Odes and Ink

CLIENT: Kitch Media

Date: 2016

Service: Website Design & Development, Brand Identity