Website & UX Design

SAS Global Communications

Website Design

We worked with SAS Global Communiations to redesign their website and support their brand development. It proved to be a exciting and challenging opportunity!

SAS are a multi award winning UK and International provider of managed and professional network and application services, for the CMM and Enterprise markets. When they approached us, their website was in need of a total redesign that would better reflect the scope and expertise of the business.

The services offered by SAS are inherently complex. This meant that it was more important than ever to develop a well-planned, simple design that would deliver essential information in a clear and concise way, while also providing a great user experience.

Our design employed plenty of whitespace. This allowed the content (and user!) to breathe and for the actual information to take centre stage.

It’s impossible to overstate how important a clear UI is. It’s the deciding factor on how easy it is for for users to digest content, and this was especially relevant to SAS due to the complexity of the topics and concepts they publish.

They were able to lead but also to communicate and to take our input, so we felt informed and in control all the way.

– Greg Duffy, Marketing Director

UX Design

The user was at the root of all our design decisions for this project. To consider how the user would experience SAS’s online content was key to how we developed the look and feel of the website.
The user interface design (UI) included custom icons and key decision-making on the online brand identity.
As a result of the work we completed for SAS, we are now continuing to work with them on further developing and improving their online presence. We design banner ads for SAS’s LinkedIn InMail campaigns, landing-pages and marketing collateral.
Website and Graphic design for SAS Global Communications by Odes and Ink

CLIENT: SAS Global Communications

Date: 2016

Service: Website & UX Design


Greg and the team at SAS were a true joy to work with. They were relentlessly enthusiastic, positive and wholly on board with the dramatic redesign that we proposed and delivered.

Not only are they exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable, they’re also really lovely people who never fail to go the extra mile for their customers. No wonder they have a 100% customer satisfaction rate!

Big thanks to Greg and everyone at SAS who worked with us to produce a really effective and powerful new website – it was a pleasure!

Odes and Ink were great. They didn‘t just design our website – they gave us a whole re-brand along the way. They developed a theme and worked closely with my development team to turn it into a reality, before evolving it into designs for our collateral.

Joe and Alice brought considerable experience, insight and flair to our project. Most of all, they were very easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again or to recommend them.

– Greg Duffy, Marketing Director